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What types of threats can Digital Care detect?

Digital Care can detect and remove active malware that can compromise your security and hinder your PC’s performance.  There are nine main Threat Types that Digital Care will detect:

A virus is malicious software that often spreads through online downloads and email attachments, disguised as regular files, multimedia or programs. They can corrupt or delete data from your system, infect others through your computer or even erase your entire hard drive. Immediate removal is recommended to prevent further infection.

Spyware will install on your computer without your consent and steal information stored on your system. It often operates secretly in order to track keystrokes, passwords and your online behavior. Spyware can also damage your computer’s performance. Immediate removal is recommended to prevent further infection.

Adware will automatically display advertisements when you go online, redirect your online search requests to advertising websites, and even collect data about your online behavior. Malicious adware can hurt PC performance and corrupt system files. Immediate removal is recommended to prevent further infection.

Spam is comprised of unsolicited and unwanted email messages from unknown senders who may target you for advertising or malicious purposes. Spammers can make emails look like those sent from people or companies you know, putting your private information at risk. Because spam can transmit other malicious programs, like malware or viruses, to your system, it is important to avoid opening unsolicited emails and remove them immediately.

A rootkit will hide malicious software, like malware or viruses, from your system so that you are unaware that your system has been compromised by an unauthorized user. Digital Care’s antivirus engine uses industry-leading technology to detect these programs, so regular scans are your best defense against rootkits.

Dialer software is designed to dial telephone numbers automatically through your computer. They might use your phone number and account to dial other numbers without your knowledge – and at your expense. Spyware dialers pose a risk that should be removed immediately.

This is a program that is harmful for your computer, using malicious software such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malware and spyware. Immediate removal is recommended to prevent further infection.

Archbomb viruses can seriously impact your computer’s health, also enabling additional spyware and malware to be installed on your system. Immediate removal is recommended to prevent further infection.


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