Keep your private data safe and free up space on your PC with the following Privacy features in Digital Care Complete:

The Privacy Scan setting allows you to review and adjust the included scan categories:


  • Chat and Instant Messaging History
  • Email Trash
  • File Sharing History
  • Internet Browsing History
  • MS Office History
  • Multimedia History
  • Third-Party Application History
  • Windows Cache & History

Each of the above categories carries a varying number of subcategories. To review the sub-categories, click on the ">" arrow next to each category.

For a further breakdown of what the program is scanning and removing, simply click the "Start Scan" button. Once the scan is completed, and before selecting the cleaning option, you can go further into each sub-category by again clicking the ">" arrow next to each displayed heading.

Additional scan options under the Privacy tab:

Recycle Bin Shredder
File Shredder