The Registry Cleaning scan will detect outdated Registry entries and app data that can be removed to help keep your Windows Registry clean and efficient.

Start the Registry Cleaning scan:

  1. From the Home screen of Digital Care AntiVirus Complete, click the Performance tab.
  2. Click on the Registry Cleaning category.
  3. Click on Start Scan to initiate a scan on this category.

To remove a scan category: click the corresponding checked box to de-select the category and remove it from the scan.

To add a scan category: if a category does not show a checkmark in the corresponding selection box, you can click that box to add the checkmark - this will ensure this category is included in future scans.

Once the scan is complete you can review the results then fix the items detected. If you wish to prevent a detected item from being cleaned, follow the steps below to add it to the Ignore List.

Add an item to the Ignore List: 

After a scan you can add detected items to the Ignore list so that Digital Care does not fix the item and will ignore it either for only the current scan, or for both the current and future scans. You will need to do this at the end of the scan when the results are displayed, before selecting "Clean".


  • To remove an item from the current scan and not any future scans, you may simply remove the checkmark for that item. Please keep in mind, the item will re-appear in future scans.
  • To remove an item permanently, click the "ignore" link located at the end of the item entry to add it to the Ignore List and ensure it is not detected/removed in any future scans. 
  • To see a further breakdown of a scan category, click the ">" icon next to the entry to view the drop-down list.

Registry Cleaning Ignore List:

Individual items you have added to the Registry Cleaning Ignore List will be displayed in the Ignore List tab next to Scan Settings. To remove individual items from the list so that they can once again be scanned and cleaned, click the "X" next to the entry in the list.

To restore the scan settings to Default, simply click the Restore Default button in the bottom right corner of the Scan Settings window. 

  • Note: By default, all categories are selected. 

For details about each category, you can visit this article