You can set the Digital Care Firewall feature to monitor each type of network you use, completely lock down your internet connection, and manage your preferences for each type of network you use. 

To access the Firewall:


  1. Open Digital Care and click the Security tab on the left side of the program window.
  2. Select Firewall

There are 3 types of networks that Digital Care will monitor:


  • Domains trusted by your local computer
  • Private networks, like your home network
  • Public networks, like coffee shops, airports, or hotels

To turn a specific network's Firewall on or off:

  • Click the OFF/ON slider in the corresponding network section.

When the firewall is turned on, you can monitor upload, download, and unwanted traffic. 

To lock down your internet connection:
  • Select "Block all incoming connections, including those in the list of allowed apps" under all networks