On the Junk Files Scan Settings page, you can choose which folders and file extensions are scanned in order to free up space on your computer by removing unnecessary Junk Files. 

  1. From the Home screen of Digital Care, click the Performance tab on the left side of the program
  2. Select Junk Files Cleaning

On the Junk File Scan Settings page, you will see two sections, Scan Locations and Scan Extensions.

Scan Locations:

Under the Scan Locations section on the left, you can select which additional folders you want included in program scans. 

To add a folder to the list: 


  1. Click the Add Scan Location link near the bottom of the section
  2. In the new window, browse to the folder you want to add and, once you have chosen it, click Select Folder.
  3. Read the confirmation message, and then add the folder by selecting "Yes".

To remove a folder from the list, select the red "X" next to the corresponding folder/file path.
Scan Extensions:

By default, the following extensions are detected in the Junk Files Cleanup: 

  • Temporary Files - .$$$
  • Backup Files - .bak
  • CheckDisk Files - .chk
  • Dump Files - .dmp, .mdmp, .dump, .hdmp
  • Log Files - .log
  • Outlook Files - .nch
  • Older File Versions - .old
  • Test Files - .wri
  • Temporary Files - .tmp, .temp

To add an extension to the list:

  1. Near the bottom of the extension list, type the extension you would like Digital Care to scan for into the text box provided.
    • If you have multiple extensions you wish to add to the list please note you must add each extension one at a time. 
    • Please use extreme caution if adding new file types to be removed, as recovery can be very difficult.
  2. Click Add Extension

To remove an extension from the list, click the "X" next to the extension.

Tip: To review the junk files detected in the scan, click to expand the categories in the results.