Deep-clean your PC in just one click with Digital Care's comprehensive Full System Scan. The Full System Scan will run the essential performance, privacy, and security scans that Digital Care offers. 

Start the Full System Scan:

  1. Open Digital Care and ensure you are logged in. 
  2. You should see the main page of the program, with a System Scan button near the bottom.
  3. To begin a full scan, simply click this button - this should initiate the scan process.

If you do not see this option, or if you need to return to the Home screen at any time, simply click the Home  tab near the top right of the program window.

Pause or Stop a Scan:
  • Click the Pause button while a scan is in progress to pause it. To resume the scan, click the Play button.
  • Click the Stop button to cancel a scan. Click Yes to confirm that you want to cancel the scan. 

Review Items Detected:
  1. Once a scan has completed, you can click on the "View Results" link for each category to review the detected items. To see more information about a specific detection, click the small arrow (">") shown next to the select item to expand the results.
    • Please note that if you have the scans set up to "Scan & Fix", the program may automatically begin fixing all detected items unless you change this option to "Scan" - you can do this through the Info tab by selecting the Schedules option.
  2. From there you can un-check any items you don't want Digital Care to fix.
  3. Click Done to save any changes.

To fix the items detected in the System Scan, simply click Fix All.

Please note that the Full AV Scan is not included in this scan process, as the Full AV Scan is a very in-depth tool intended to detect and remove viruses throughout your system; as such it should be run separately, preferably at a time when the computer is not in use.