To Install or reinstall MyTurboPC, please follow the instructions below:

Click here to download MyTurboPC 

1. Click Run to begin installation. 
2. Follow the Prompts, clicking Next to proceed and I Agree to the license agreement.
3. Select a Default or a Custom installation, then click the Next button.
4. Select the location to install MyTurboPC. We recommend using the default.
Click Install.
5. Select Run MyTurboPC and click Finish. Now you must register your purchased key.
To activate MyTurboPC, please follow the instructions below:

1. Open MyTurboPC
2. If a scan starts, stop it by clicking the Stop Scan button near the bottom right corner
3. Click the About link near the top right.
4. If there is already a license key on this page:
5. Click on the Unlicense button near the bottom of the page
6. Click Yes to remove the license key
7. Copy and paste your license key in the text field provided.
8. Now click OK.

If you have misplaced your license key information, please contact support for assistance.